elegant wedding cake pictures

Elegant wedding cakes

Elegant wedding cakes are the right choice for those of you who want to presents a more beautiful atmosphere in your wedding day. Because the wedding cake with a model like this will be able to add the atmosphere on the day of your wedding more memorable. Besides the wedding cake with elegant model will also be able to attract the attention of the guests who come to your wedding. […]

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Beach wedding Cake Review

Beach wedding cakes is a choice of wedding cake that is perfect for your wedding ceremony in the open nature like in a beach. Wedding cake like this is usually dominated by two colors such as white and light blue. Because it describes the atmosphere of the beautiful beaches. If you do not get married on a beach, because it will take a lot of cost of course, you can […]

purple wedding cake flowers

How to Choose a Good Purple Wedding Cake

Purple wedding cakes are one of many types of wedding cakes that are much in demand by the people in this modern era. But many of those people do not understand how to choose a wedding cake properly. So what they get does not match with what they expect. Therefore in this article I will shed some light on choosing a wedding cake properly. Especially the wedding cake that has […]

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Vintage Wedding Cakes Review

Vintage wedding cakes are one of the right choice for you who are bored with the look of a wedding cake on this modern era. Because the cake with vintage models can refresh the eyes of the guests who come to your wedding ceremony. Because it has a different look from the wedding cake in general. of course this will make your wedding look different from the other wedding ceremony. […]

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How to Choose Small Wedding Cakes

Small wediing cakes are very suitable for those of you who want a wedding that looks more simple but still look elegant and beautiful. Wedding cake with a fixed small size will make your wedding still look beautiful and will make your wedding atmosphere have more fun. So you do not have to worry about the small size of your wedding cake. Because if you choose your wedding cake properly […]